We've Got Spirit, Yes We Do....



Monday afternoon as I was lounging on the couch at work, I felt lucky not to be working too hard on Labor Day. Because I'm in the business of air medical transport, a busy shift for me usually means it's a bad day for someone else, and with holiday weekend travel in full swing, I figured it was a good thing that Life Flight traffic was slow.

Granted, at 2 a.m. when we were helicopter-ing to eastern Oregon, I wished I'd used my afternoon a little better and taken a nap, but I was busy looking for inspiration. In the hours prior to the Boise State Broncos' face off with the Virginia Tech Hokies, my main objective had been simply to kill time. Win or lose, I figured the much-hyped football game would provide some sort of athletic inspiration for my running of the Portland Marathon, now less than five weeks away.

Little did I know, I would stumble upon something even better. As I surfed my way through everything Dish Network had to offer, I found a documentary titled Spirit of the Marathon. I remember several years ago when it played on the big screen in Boise for an extremely limited engagement and I missed it. However, after watching it in its entirety the other day, commercials and all, I'm confident the timing was perfect. I've hinted often here on Cobweb about my fascination with long distance running—my hints are about as subtle as a firecracker, I know—but this movie could inspire anyone to realize he or she is capable of running 26.2 miles. It doesn't matter if you have more in common with U.S. marathon champion Deena Kastor or Al Roker from the Today Show.

Unfortunately, I failed to note which channel I was watching, since at 6 p.m. I had to switch to ESPN. The good news is that Spirit of the Marathon can be yours on DVD for just 22 well-spent dollars. As much as I appreciated the fact that no one can count out the Broncos, I found myself so satisfied with my unexpected source of inspiration that the Broncos' victory in the season-opener was just icing on the cake.

Fall marathoning is a national phenomenon, just like football, so I encourage everyone and anyone to seek inspiration. Do something big this fall.