Need Something to do Tuesday? Addendum...


Okay, today's Something to do Today was actually for this weekend. You got me.

But if you're itching for something to do "today" today, swing on by The Record Exchange where they're having a Blue and Orange sale in celebration of the Bronco's victory against Virginia Tech last night. But if you can't make it today, know that they're planning to keep it up for the whole of the season.

From their press release...

This fall, all of our used CDs, DVDs and vinyl LPs* will be on sale the day after a Boise State football victory.

The percentage we discount our used products the day after the game will be equal to the number of points the Broncos win by the day before. For example, if they win by 30 points, you get 30% off your total used purchase.

And since yesterday's victory was by three points, protocol would dictate a 3% off sale. But the press release also says...

You know what? A 3% off sale doesn't exactly scream excitement, and we're pretty excited about the BSU win. So, we're making this deal a little sweeter: All used CDs, DVDs and vinyl LPs* will be 10% off on Tuesday.

And while like all good "communist agitators" (follow the link) football doesn't interest me much, if a Broncos victory comes with a huge discount at the record store, then I'm calling the letter O to paint on my chest.