Deseret News Slashes Workforce


It's no secret that the newspaper business has been about as secure as a tent in a typhoon lately, but the announcement by the Deseret News on Aug. 31 that it is cutting 43 percent of its staff was still a shocker.

The fact that the paper called its decision not only necessary to stay alive, but the opportunity to "lead and innovate," was eyebrow-raising. Moving to a more Internet-dependent format isn't really innovative, and it glosses over the fact that 57 full-time and 28 part-time employees are not out of their jobs.

Among its plans to "innovate" include integrating its newsroom with an area television station, including moving some of its staff to the television station.

It also plans to recruit an "editorial advisory board" from across the country to lead its opinion pages, and
will use freelance writers and editors to provide content.

I'll admit, it's an unusual approach, but outsourcing local news might not be the best idea.