Need Something to do Tuesday?


We're living in strange times. On the one hand, environmental consciousness is higher than its ever been. But on the other hand, climate science denial is also higher than its ever been. And while some would say that this is just another example of an increasingly polarized society and the vanishing middle, others might say, "ugh... let's talk about something else."

Touche "others," touche.

However, as the bumper sticker says, if we ignore the environment it will go away. So what we need is a way to change ugh-inspiring talking points to a hands-on project that gets the point across in a fun way, especially to kids. The earlier people become aware of how ecosystems function, the more likely ours is to continue functioning.

So today, why not pack up the young un's and head out to Edward's Greenhouse, where you can learn how to build a frog terrarium. Then, in addition to a "cuddly" new pet, you'll have an ecosystem of your own to learn from.

Frogs are especially good subjects to study ecosystems because of the way they breathe and absorb water through their skin, making them much more susceptible to environmental toxins than other animals. If you want your frog to survive, you gotta do the legwork.

Both adults and children are welcome. You can register at, or call the greenhouse at 208-342-7548. The class is free and starts at 6 p.m.