A Weekend On The Town



Never mind my aspirations of a thorough, fall house-cleaning binge this weekend! There were way too many other fun things to do, none of which involved staying indoors.

Always one to aim high, I began my Saturday morning with the 38th annual Bogus Basin Hill Climb, sponsored by Georges Cycles & Fitness, which saw record participation levels and a new course record. I suppose when more than 350 people toe the line, someone is bound to shatter the previous best time to the summit, and that "someone" was Andres Diaz, riding for Team Exergy. He finished in a blistering 52 minutes and 7 seconds, which is faster than most people drive that road during ski season.

Next stop was the Big LeBoise block party. Since I consider myself part of the BW family, I won't brag about how great it was. If you missed it, plan on attending next year.

Although I swore off the Western Idaho Fair when I graduated from 4-H back in the early '90s, this year was a little different, as a good friend of mine was competing in the Moo La La Ice Cream Making Contest. Admittedly, my pal was a bit of an underdog, seeing as how the United Dairymen of Idaho sponsored the event and her ice cream is vegan. Instead of milk or cream, she uses ingredients from soy products, almond butter, coconut milk and sucanat (suck-a-what?). However, Reggie's Veggies was a co-sponsor, so we hoped she had a shot at an honorable mention, at least.

Alas, it wasn't to be, but I solidified my strategy for the Fair next year into a simple set of instructions: eat, play, leave. Which I did. Then I saw a movie with a similar-sounding name (read the book first), and decided to call it a night.

This weekend was testi-moo-ney for what makes Boise such a great place to live, whether you like cream in your ice cream or not.