Idaho's Fresh New Country Has a New (Not-So) Fresh Voice: Mine


While judging the Colgate Country Showdown, I met WOW Country 104.3 morning DJs Randy and Alana. Both new to town, they had already developed some serious affection for their copies of the Boise Weekly and scrolling through As a BW employee, those feelings transferred to me, natch. I, in turn, found them both utterly charming. Yeah, it was a big damn love fest.

Capitalizing on all of those good feelings (and loving the sound of my own voice), I suggested they should have me on the show Friday mornings to give WOW 104.3 listeners the lowdown on what to do over the coming weekend. Crazy kids that Randy and Alana are, they agreed.

Here's a clip from my first visit. Scroll down to "Hear it Here Only" and click on "Your Plans for the Weekend."

Here's hoping they let me come back. Guys, if you're reading this, can I come back?