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Dear Boise Weekly: I hear you're having a boozy block party with killer local bands and calling it The Big LeBoise. Now I like music, and I certainly like gettin' hammered. But that's how I ended up with a gaggle of children that might belong to NIkki Sixx. Point is, I'd love to come down to your block party, but I can't afford a sitter. What can I do?

Signed: Proud And Resilient Exile from the NighTlife.

Dear P.A.R.E.N.T.,

To quote Bob Barker: "Come on down!" And bring the kids with you, because BW's got you covered. While you're busy getting sauced at our Bloody Mary contest or swaying back and forth with a lighter chanting "Freebird!" at a very indignant-looking New Transit, the little ones can stay entertained with the balloon twisting ninjutsu of Jon Swartout or the breakdancing of MT Theory and the B-Boys.

So now you can see, that there's nothing to worry about. Just turn your kids over to "the media," and they'll be fine. Which should leave you free to recharge the batteries enough to get through the first week of school. Everybody wins.