Ignite Boise 5 Seeking Submissions


We’re in the midst of a Power Point renaissance. Well, not exactly. But Ignite Boise has made slide shows a heck of a lot cooler.

If you’re not familiar with the Ignite concept, here’s a rundown: You get five minutes and 20 slides to teach a packed crowd at the Egyptian Theatre about something you’re passionate about—urban gardening, living on the cheap, the perks of aging or a platypus kicking an eagle’s butt.

Have an idea you want to share with a crowd of eager strangers? Ignite Boise 5 is now accepting submissions for the upcoming event on Thursday, Oct. 21, at the Egyptian Theatre.

The Ignite Boise website gives “three immutable reasons why you should submit”:

1. Yes, you DO have an idea
2. Yes, your idea IS good enough to present
3. No, it’s really NOT that scary to get up there

So, muster your courage and submit all genius ideas here.

My Platypus Can Kick Your Eagle’s Butt. Mike Winsor from The Arbiter on Vimeo.