State TT Title Up For Grabs



Has anyone ever considered following in the footsteps of Idaho's reigning Olympic Gold Medalist, Kristin Armstrong?

I realize that between the Western Idaho Fair, Tour de Fat, and the Blues Traveler concert, there are a lot of options for weekend activity. But if there's a woman out there who can carve out time on Sunday morning, August 22, to drive out to Mountain Home, get on her bike, and pedal hard for 40 kilometers, she just might take home the Idaho State Time Trial Championship title.

Online registration closes on Thursday, and as of today, only four women were registered, three of whom are over age 50. No disrespect to the masters, but most women reach their physical peak in their 30s. In my opinion, this leaves the race wide open, and Armstrong, herself the international expert in this discipline, will not be there to contest the victory, as she's scheduled to deliver her first baby sometime in the next three weeks. Frankly, I think even a strong lady with a Huffy would have a shot at the win.

So consider this a call to cycling enthusiasts, wannabe racers and future champions. Before Olympic medals come national titles, and before national titles come state titles. See where I'm going with this? You have to start somewhere, so why not grab that first W on Sunday?