Need Something To Do Thursday?


This is how the world ends, this is how the world ends, this is how the world ends, not with a bang but with a whimper. Sure, we've got nukes out the yin-yang and this rebel faction fighting for control of that vital and limited resource, but humanity's end might just come from something far less dramatic: Bees. Or to be more specific, lack of them.

For years, global bee population has been declining. And when the bees go, so does the ability to pollinate crops. Which we sort of need to survive. Oops.

Colony Collapse Disorder, or Honey Bee Depopulation Syndrome is a widespread phenomena, however it is not yet understood what causes it. Theories range from climate change to use of genetically modified crops to cell phone radiation destroying bees ability to navigate. It could be any of these things. All of these things. Or even something else we don't know about yet. All that is known is that it's a very serious, albeit silly-seeming, problem.

But as a G.I. Joe used to say, "knowing is half the battle."

So tonight, why not swing by The Flicks to catch a special screening of Queen of the Sun, a documentary about the global bee crisis. The film was made by the director of The Real Dirt on Farmer John, and has won a list of prestigious film awards from various festivals for its effective and compelling weaving of the story of the global bee crisis in with the mysteries of bees and the hive in general.

The screening is sponsored by the Treasure Valley Food Coalition, starts at 7 p.m. and costs $10.

Queen of The Sun : Yvon Achard, Bee Historian, show us the age-old relationship between man and bees.

QUEEN OF THE SUN will WORLD PREMIERE Saturday Night, April 17th at 7:30 PM at the Nashville Film Festival. Visit for more details.