Vote Already


Alright folks, you've got roughly a week and a half to cast your vote in the 2010 Best of Boise survey.

That's right, voting ends at midnight on Sunday, Aug. 29, so stop procrastinating if you want to have your say about those things that make Boise and the surrounding area so damned special.

Just remember, by voting for Best of Boise, this is what you pledge to do:

1) You will vote for ONLY locally owned and operated businesses. If you know the business in question is not local, don't vote for it.

2) You will answer at least 20 questions, knowing your ballot will not count if you do not.

3) You will only vote once. Ballot stuffers will be publicly flogged, tarred and feathered and rode out of town on a rail. If BW is unable to figure out how to do any of those things, they will at least mock ballot stuffers in a generally unpleasant manner.

4) You will not vote against something. If you don't like it, keep it to yourself. We really don't care. Besides, voting against something does not cancel out someone else's vote.

5) You will call something by its proper name. While we are pretty damned smart around here, even we can't always figure out who "that one girl who works at the place by the mall" is.

You have your marching orders: Now go vote. Results will be published in two Best of Boise sections this year: Editors' Picks on Wednesday, Sept. 22, and Readers' Choice on Wednesday, Sept. 29.