Need Something to do Wednesday?


It may not be humanity's finest quality, but deep down, everyone's got a bit of an itch for fame. But not everyone has what it takes, or wants to be famous for what they have. Luckily for the hopeless, one of the major markets of the media age has been to find ways around that problem. Karaoke lets anyone—and I do mean anyone—take center stage as a pop star. Video games can put you in the cockpit of a fighter jet, playing guitar to a packed auditorium or charging down a football field like Jerry Rice. And while anyone who's had a taste of the real thing knows it's no substitute, most people haven't, so it gets the job done.

And today, you've got two opportunities to embrace the weirdness of pseudo-fame; one technology-based and one old school. In addition to potentially solving for your emotional issues, both may just be the best kind of disaster to watch play out.

For those with no real talent other than their face, Shorty's Saloon is hosting a celebrity lookalike contest. Harley Brown may not have been much in the political arena, but he'd make a great fat Bob Hope.

Or for those low on musical talent, but high on enthusiasm, swing by Thomas Hammer this evening around nine for Rock Band on the patio.

Either way, you'll still be the same person in the morning. But seeing how genuine fame has effected, say, Lindsay Lohan, you're probably better off.