BW Columnist in Afghanistan Filing Reports Daily


Contentious, long-time Boise Weekly opinion columnist Ted Rall is in Afghanistan.

Readers who regularly follow Rall already know that he raised almost $26,000 through Kickstarter to fund his trip as an unembedded reporter. He, cartoonist Matt Bors (who has not left the country in his adult life) and cartoonist Steven Cloud left for Central Asia the first of the month and recently entered Afghanistan.

In addition to filing his regular week columns while he's in Afghanistan, Rall is also attempting a daily cartoon blog. Thus far, he's filed 14 cartoons from his Afghan Notebook, a task that requires him to upload his work via satellite phone at a painfully slow rate.

One recent entry from the Afghan Notebook series details the ups and downs in a recent day of travel. Up: roads in the Kunduz province that were not paved during Rall's first trip to Afghanistan in 2001 are paved now, shortening a three-day trip into just several hours. Down: overnight accommodations are difficult to come by without a steep price or the threat of a night Taliban raid.

BW readers will still find Rall's weekly columns in our pages, however, to keep up with his Afghan Notebook, readers will have to visit Rall's personal blog. It's perhaps the most alternative perspective you'll find coming out of Afghanistan now, and a highly recommended addition to your blog reader.