Need Something to Do Tuesday?


Dear everyone: Eat as healthy as possible, exercise every day, put cucumbers on your eyes, do it all. But you're still going to get old. It's just facts. Unless you die young. And that's hardly the kind of life goal one should really focus on.

So once the inevitability is accepted, the next matter of business is asking yourself if you're prepared for being aged.

And no, I'm not referring to a retirement plan. Snore-a-palooza. I'm talking about real senior citizen stuff, like finding the right shade of black socks to wear with your sandals and building a stockpile of dated advice to thrust on your family unsolicited. And most importantly, knowing how to play Bocce Ball.

Yes, Bocce Ball. There's simply no point being old without an understanding of the fundamentals of the sport. If you don't have them, you won't last long on the court. And then where will your former associates look for you when they want to talk you out of retirement for one last big job with comedic themes that will save the retirement home and give everyone a taste of the good old days that makes them glad to be alive?

So today, why not get those fundamentals at Boise's Bocce Ball League. They meet Tuesdays at Woodriver Cellars at 6 p.m. You can join a team, learn some skills and make sure that when the golden days come, they're polished bright and shiny.

Game on.