Need Something to do Monday?


In conflict resolution, it's often helpful to start by focusing on things agreed on by the different parties in order to build common ground. For example, while cultural and political conflicts rage, everyone has to eat. And that universal need can easily be turned into a shared viewpoint that can be leveraged for positive action.

This is especially true with food, as beyond just a means for survival. It is also a window into another culture's way of thinking and value system, and its consumption is an unintrusive way to put yourself in someone else's shoes to perhaps find effective solutions for whatever disputes arise. State dinners are dinners for a reason.

It can't be denied that the west and the Islamic worlds have found themselves in a bit of a kerfuffle of late. So today, why not take a tasty step towards potential solutions with Chef Tiziana's Middle Eastern Meze class at Pottery Gourmet?

The class will learn how to make traditional and delicious Middle Eastern dishes such as white bean dip, tahini and Turkish salad, and will get to chow down on the fruits of their labors. There will also be wine tastings and halvah for dessert.

And sure, it won't create Palestinian statehood by 8 p.m. or put an end to violent Jihad or echoes of Western Imperialism, but it's a start. A tasty, tasty start.