Need Something to Do Friday?


Work, schmerk. With that weekend aroma wafting into your area like a jerk, you know nothing truly productive is going to happen today anyway, so why bother? Friday afternoons are for gazing out the window longingly, futzing about on the net and messaging jokes and weekend plans back and forth to your pals.

But there is one time-wasting activity you can put on the post-lunch agenda that still falls within the acceptable definitions of "being a productive member of society." Voting.

But voting for what? That sitcom of an election that the future of the human race supposedly hinges on isn't until November, and that's football season anyhow. So why should I care?

Well disenfranchised masses, we'll deal with that line of logic later, say October. But today, why not vote for something immediate, local and completely free of hyperbolic rhetoric that serves no purpose other than fanning the flames of a culture war. That's right, 2010 Best of Boise.

Just log in, and offer your thoughts on the truly important issues of the day, like who in Boise pours the stiffest drinks on a Friday night and who serves the crispest bacon to help you deal with Saturday morning. You know, "real issues." This is democracy at its finest people.

And it's an excellent way to look busy while you're waiting for quitting time.