Need Something to Do Tuesday?


According to music videos, a central component of being a gangster is sipping champagne in a hot tub. But hot tubs are expensive and in a recession like this one, everyone's gotta tighten the diamond studded belt a smidgen lest you end up like M.C. Hammer. Nothing is more gangster than good money management. But that still leaves the question of how one can still honestly refer to themselves as a gangster after sealing the lid on the hot tub.

Well, aside from the recession, there's also a burgeoning eco-consciousness touching every element of culture. Forget hot tubs, the future is all about champagne in hot springs.

And I know what you're saying: "That sounds right, but my hot tub is in the back of my stretch hummer. Where is a stone-cold thug like myself supposed to find a hot springs?"

Well, today is your lucky day. Cause you can swing by the library at Collister at 7 p.m. for a free presentation on where to find the best Idaho hot springs from a genuine "hot springs expert."

And if that's quite enough belt tightening for you, remember that while it's not exactly Chrystal, champagne in a can is sure to keep the hot springs beautiful by avoiding the potential for broken glass. And it ain't half bad.