Lightning Knocks Out Power to Shakespeare Festival


The Idaho Shakespeare Festival had its own real-world version of The Tempest early Tuesday.

The wild storm that tormented the Treasure Valley for several hours, paid a visit to the Shakespeare Festival's amphitheater on Warm Springs Avenue, with a full complement of wind, rain and, of course, mother nature's lighting crew.

"The lightning fried the power to our phones," Hannah Read, director of marketing, told Cobweb.

When Shakespeare staff reported to work Tuesday morning, all phones and systems were dead.

"Idaho Power and our master electrician worked through much of the day to get us up and running," said Read. "Phones are working and our ticketing system is operational again."

And the theater gods were smiling on Shakespeare, as the main electrical connections to all lighting and sound were unplugged after Sunday night's performance, so the festival's main stagecraft was untouched by Monday's storm.

Read says all systems are go for Tuesday night's production of Othello before a sold-out audience.