Scenes From a Scene #009—The Bayliens


I'm not a big hip-hop guy, so it takes a lot to turn my head. But from the moment Enzyme Dynamite bounced on stage to the hook from "Eye of the Tiger" by Survivor, it was clear he, and his fellow Bayliens had "it," that elusive indefinable thing that makes you want to stare at and gush over a performer's every action.

Overall, the group is a bit like pairing the quirky delivery and personality of Kool Keith or Busta Rhymes with a more electro-dance sound.

Their performance and sound at The Boise Music Festival, was packed with mirthful energy, even in the sweltering heat, and was an engaging departure from the ego-fueled direction that hip-hop started going in the late '90s.

The Bayliens are coming back to Boise this weekend to play at the Soul Food Festival in Julia Davis Park on Saturday, Aug. 7, and possibly a club gig somewhere in town. Make sure to check 'em out. It could be awhile before you see a group with that much energy again.

[ Video is no longer available. ]