A Warning to Ballot Stuffers


We're watching you.

That's right, all you would-be ballot stuffers trying to rig the 2010 Best of Boise survey: we know what you're doing. Every single day, we monitor the answers coming in to the annual survey, and when certain things start to jump out as out of the ordinary or odd, we can see who's trying to manipulate things. Creating new e-mail addresses isn't going to fool us. We have ways of knowing.

If you want a particular business or person to win this year, your best course of action is to campaign for him/her/it and get your friends and family to vote, too.

So, one more time, let's go over the rules for Best of Boise voting:

1) Only ONE vote per person. Ballot stuffing will not be tolerated.

2) You must answer at least 20 questions.

4) You do not have to finish your ballot all at once. You can save and come back.

3) Voting ends on Sunday, Aug. 29.

Now, go forth and vote ... but just once.