Need Something to do Monday?


Yesterday, I was out and about with a pal-o-mine, walking the dog and enjoying the summer twilight. We got a bit peckish from all that strolling and decided nachos would be just the thing. So we found a nice patio, picked the table furthest away to be sure the "ferocious" min-pin in tow wouldn't bother anyone and put in an order.

About six nachos into the plate, the server told us dogs weren't allowed. Let's be really clear, this is AFTER the food arrived. And so ensued an awkward process, in which my pal took turns snacking and standing on the sidewalk to hang with her dog.

Laaaaaaaaaaaame sauce.

And though this was a personal event, I think it's a safe assertion to say that we can't be the only people who anything like this has ever happened to. The Humane Society says that 39% of U.S. households own dogs. And I'm willing to wager a shiny new nickel that all those households also eat.

Now, a simple solution for a problem like this one would be a small sign saying that dogs are or are not allowed on said patio. The establishment in question had one for smoking, so it's clearly within their capabilities to print and hang a piece of paper.

But another solution would be to find somewhere else altogether, the kind of place that actively courts that under-served 39%.

So today, if you're a "dog-person," why not swing by Donnie Mac's for Paws on the Patio, when on Mondays they not only allow dogs, they encourage them with some tasty Zamzow's for hungry pooches and some tasty mac and cheese for their pet humans. Donnie Mac's may bill itself as trailer park cooking, but that ain't no trailer park dog chow.

Paws on the Patio gets going around 3 p.m. and is free. Pawprints on your clean kitchen floor happen later and are priceless.