B is for Brewforia's Bounty of Beer



In a dedicated effort to steer clear of impending triple-digit temperatures, my newest hobby involves scouting out indoor sports. Even with Scott Dorval's "three-degree guarantee" error margin, my usual playground, the Boise foothills, has morphed into an incinerator of the cruelest kind (evidenced by multiple brush fires ignited yesterday). Unfortunately for me, my athletic strength lies in aerobic endurance rather than in hand-eye coordination, which seems to be the basis for most games played in confined spaces.

Yesterday, I tried my hand at darts. Although the only sweat I broke occurred during my cross-town drive to the tangled mess of traffic at Overland and Eagle roads, the hydration options where I found my dartboard were more than enough to cool me off. Brewforia Beer Market is a perfect summer afternoon field trip—it's a Powell's Sweet Shoppe for adults. Instead of a continuous loop of Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory, the flat screen at Brewforia is tuned to sporting events. Instead of Candyland, patrons can play Scrabble or read books like Tom Robbins' B is For Beer.

My dart game deteriorated after a bottle of the "dangerously drinkable" Hog Heaven Barleywine from Avery Brewing Co., a brewery based in Boulder, Colo. So I cut my losses and set to work exploring the great beer selection. Maybe I won't win any dart games in the future, but I know where I'll do my training for Boise Beerfest—only one week of practice remains.