Need Something to Do Tuesday?


I woke up to a piece on the radio this morning about Idahoans trying to counter the region's image as a haven for racism. And while Idaho has made a lot of progress since the salad days of the Aryan Nation, I still got a face full of swastika tattoos from shirtless d-bags at last weekend's Boise Music Festival in Ann Morrison Park. And while illegal immigration is probably the hottest of hot button issues, even most of those supporting Arizona's new racist ID policy, aren't actually down with Nazi-ism. For them it's primarily about legality and economic concerns. Though I feel compelled to point out that those concerns do provide a convenient mechanism for racists to cloak their bigotry, and that such interlopers should be outed and ostracized to maintain the legitimacy of dialogue on immigration policy.

Regardless, America is a melting pot and the world is shrinking. And most people agree, so long as it shrinks legally and without doing demonstrative harm to the economy or the taxpayer, that's pretty awesome.

So today, why not show the rest of the world what Idaho is really about by flipping the bird to the racists and embracing that awesomeness, with Jaialdi, the pentennial five-day celebration of all things Basque. The festival kicks off today in the Basque Block and is projected to attract 50,000 Basque from all over the world to Boise. That's about a 25 percent increase in the population for the festival. Hot damn! But can you blame em? There's going to be food, dancing, weird sports and all kinds of delicious drinks with seemingly unpronounceable names. Cause that's the kind of party you get when you embrace multiculturalism. When you're down with the Nazis, all you get is to hang out in your mom's basement, complaining about how no one likes you, but never really understanding why. Here's a hint: IT'S BECAUSE YOU'RE A RACIST.