Dinner is Served


Boasting isn't our style, but Cobweb is about to bust with excitement because we're just a couple of hours away from getting a sneak preview of Dinner for Schmucks. Is it possible that the trailer gets funnier each time you watch it? Yes, and we should know. We've been watching this trailer over and over and over and over ...

Now, the literal Yiddish translation of "schmuck" has to do with a particular part of the male anatomy.
The literal German translation is "decoration."

But we all know a "schmuck" is a blithering idiot. So, naturally, the studio called 1-800-CARELL, as in Steve Carell, as in buffoon.

Then they added a dash of Paul Rudd and a generous helping of Zach Galifianakis. We'll contribute some popcorn and a highly caffeinated beverage and the result will be ...

We'll tell you tomorrow. Hopefully, we'll bust a gut and live to tell about it.