Need Something to do Monday?


Despite all efforts to the contrary, it's inevitable that at some point you'll end up double-booked. Let's hypothetically say you're a critic covering a local play series on Mondays, who also committed to seeing a band not realizing it was on the final Monday of said series. "Hypothetically."

Well, fret not. As Americans possessed of a can-do pioneer spirit, rather than do the sensible thing and reschedule something, we like to forge onward, even if it means doing a half-assed job on both things. A lifetime of sitcoms has shown us that all we really need to make it work, is to get both events in two rooms of the same building, and to then float between them, making up lame excuses to leave the room, have a quick wardrobe change and grace the other room for a spell before making another lame excuse and going back to start for our $200.

So tonight, if you'd like to embrace your inner cliche sitcom plot-line, why not engage in a bit of event-hopping?

Tonight is the final play in Alley Rep's Plays From the Alley new works reading series at the Visual Arts Collective. This evening's offering is Jef Peterson's The Apple Doesn’t Fall, which follows Marza Hansen as she returns to her childhood home after 20 years, hoping to revisit happy childhood memories and share them with her husband and daughters. But things like that rarely go off without a hitch. Be there to see how it all goes awry at 8 p.m. My money's on an accidental double-booking.

After that, swap out your corduroy sport coat with the elbow patches for a smelly leather jacket, cause it's Punk Monday at Liquid. You can celebrate the conclusion of Plays From the Alley, in the least appropriate manner with tunes from Forth Year, Aces and Eights and Roofied Resistance for the low low price of $3. It's not even remotely close to being in the same room, but the it's the thought that counts. And the jacket. That's the heart of the whole bit.