Get Ready for Best of Boise 2010


All year long, we hear from readers who want to tell us the way it really is, whether it's praising a kickin' concert or letting us know just how wrong we were about a restaurant.

Well, here's your chance to have your say. Voting for Best of Boise 2010 starts on Wednesday, July 21, and runs through Sunday, Aug. 29.

That's right, it's time for you to tell us what is best about this place we call home, from the best place to grab some Italian to the best public art display. Of course, there are a few ground rules, including the fact that all nominees must be locally owned and operated—no chains here, thank you very much—and they must be in the Boise Metro area. Check the survey for a full list of rules.

Just like last year, this is an online survey only, but you can save it as a work-in-progress and finish it up later. Remember though, for your vote to count, you must answer at least 20 questions and you can only vote once—ballot stuffing ain't cool folks, and repeat voters will be tossed out.

So go, log on and champion your favorite things that make Boise unique!