Beach Fossils are Playing the Neurolux on July 22—Wanna Join the Band?


Recently BW reveiwed Brooklyn indie-popples Beach Fossils, are hitting the road for a cross-country tour today. Only one problem: Their guitarist, Sennott Burke, just quit. But they're hopeful some Marlon Rando out there might want to step up to bat and take his place. Like, now.

To paraphrase Pete Townshend at The Cow Palace in 1973: ""Can anybody in the audience play the guitar?"

From Prefix Mag writer Saxon Baird ...

Send an email to if you think you have the chops to noodle alongside some of Brooklyn's newest favorites. Until a replacement is found, Burke said he will most likely be staying on for a portion of the tour.

Dunno about ya'll, but I'm putting my money on him being replaced with GTRBOT from Captured by Robots.