New Young Boise at Alexa Rose Gallery


  • photo by Richie Marke

Though Richie Marke was only one of more than 100 artists who exhibited at the 2010 Modern Art event, he may very well have been the youngest. At 17, his social commentary came in the form of obsessively intricate and impeccably cut paper "dolls" in the shapes of some of the world's most recognizable capitalist logos: Mickey Mouse, McDonald's, Virgin Airlines, Dell, 3M and more. Even the four members of costumed rockers KISS were represented in brilliant pen and ink detail.

But it is through fashion photography that Marke most often reveals his artistic side and—along with a group of other nascent creators—he will show his work at an exhibit entitled "New Young Boise" that opens tonight at 7:30 p.m. and runs through Sunday, July 15 at Alexa Rose Gallery.

Marke explained that he is calling his selection Summer Camp and includes pictures he took when on a "small trip to Mountain Home with three girlfriends. The images are very highly saturated and have a Quentin Tarantino (circa Kill Bill) feel to them."

Kinsey Lundquist will offer "18 Years of Ephemera," a wall-mounted scrapbook of her travels.

Rusty Rehl's "Color" will include a mural of a BP exec regurgitating petroleum.

The show will also feature work by young artists Cody Brown and Jessica Reif.

  • photo by Richie Marke