Crafty Bastards* and Discount Booze



Boise Weekly is having a block party. Why, you may ask? Because we're located on a block and we want to give back to the community by doing something awesome we might answer. Or perhaps "yur puurty," if we've reached the tequila portion of the interrogation. But either way, we're having a wicked block party that we're calling Crafty Bastards on Saturday, Aug. 28, from 10 a.m.-10 p.m.

How wicked is it gonna be? That's an excellent question.

Think live music, a skateboard competition, a raffle for a Vespa, kids' games and a Bloody Mary showdown. Plus all the crafts you can shake a hand-carved stick at.

And don't worry, we know what you're thinking: August? Ugh. That's in forever. Why should I care now? Yet another excellent question. You're such a smart and pretty readership.

Why you should care now is threefold.

1. Raffle tickets for that sweet Vespa—aka "your new hawg"—are already on sale. We'll raffle off the vespa at Crafty Bastards but you don't have to be present to win. Stop by BWHQ or look for BW at Alive After Five to get your $10 ticket.

2. Should you believe your crafts are truly bastardly in nature, you can apply to be one of the few, the proud, "the" crafty bastards.

3. The Bloody Mary contest is starting now. In your mouth! Fifteen local bars are hoping to make the finals at Crafty Bastards, and it's up to you—the smartiest, prettiest, most-hungover bunch of readers out there—to decide who makes the cut. The final bars will duke it out first thing in the bloody morning at Crafty Bastards.

Order a Bloody Mary at any participating bar, let 'em know it's for the competition and you'll get $1 off. Then vote for your favorites here on

By Grapthar's Hammer, what a shindig!

Crafty Bastards is a trademark of Washington City Paper, which is not affiliated with Boise Weekly's event.