Need Something to Do Tuesday?


Being neither California or New York, Idaho is certainly the kind of place that Sarah Palin was talking about when she referred to "real America." People here love mom and apple pie something fierce and will parade giant inflatable dinosaurs around the state trying to defend them.

Yet, as a relative newcomer to Boise and the Gem State, I've noticed a major discrepancy in that value-set. Capitalism, a cornerstone of the kind of America that makes people shout "F#$%, yeah!" is not being fully embraced here in Boise.

Now before you go running for your torches and pitchforks, let me explain.

One of the things I've observed most consistently and been told over and over again since my arrival, is that there isn't much competition here. Boise and Idaho are just small enough that there's limited room in the market and residents have a cultural attachment to institutions that keeps them from embracing or pursuing competition. They may grumble about how there's only one natural foods grocery store or one Cajun restaurant or one alt-weekly, but they won't do much about it—even with giant holes downtown begging to be turned into anything.

One could spend the day being cynical and say that the competition is in which empty building or lot in downtown can be left in construction purgatory for the longest, but us real Americans are optimistic people.

So today, why not embrace a brand new area of competition in the field of Pub Trivia.

For some time now, EJ Pettinger's Tuesday night trivia at Pengilly's, Booze Clues, has reigned supreme in Boise. It's local, bizarre and rife with colorful drunkards. Other pubs had trivia, but they wouldn't dare go head to head with Booze Clues on a Tuesday.

Enter, Last Call Trivia, a national brand with trivia operations in 10 cities. They had Sunday nights at Liquid locked down but have just shifted to Tuesdays for a battle of invisible hands.

Who will survive? The plucky local hero? The well-capitalized corporate behemoth with a potentially better product? That's up to you, the consumer to decide. As it should be.

Last Call kicks off at 8 p.m. and Booze Clues gets going around 9 p.m. Both are free. Game on.