Knife Skillz


I hate watching people who are not trained in the fine art of knife skills, cut food. They lay their fingers flat and try to chop through onions with dull knives. I have seen too many cuts and too many close calls not to do my part in helping keep people safe, so here are a few tips in how to use a knife properly—and how to keep your fingernails.

First hold the knife correctly. Take your pointer finger and your thumb and pinch the blade about an inch up from the handle. Then wrap your fingers around the handle. This will give you a nasty little callous but you will be able to control the blade much easier.


Second, curl your fingers under and use them as a guide for your knife. Grip the items with your fingers like a claw, keeping your middle finger knuckle vertical to the food. Use the bevel of the knife to chop through the items.


Also, when moving items with a knife, make sure not to use the blade edge; flip the knife over and use the back of the blade. This way the edge stays sharp. No need to dull a knife unintentionally.


Keep an eye out for more knife skills posts in the future.