Predicting the future is risky business, no doubt about it. While meteorologists employ highly technical equipment to forecast the weather, they often get it wrong. Sometimes, they'd be better off using a groundhog's shadow, or even a weather-rock. For the uninitiated, the weather-rock is a very simple weather-predicting tool: If the rock is wet, it's raining. If the rock is hot, it's sunny.

But for my personal Nostradamus, I prefer the open-endedness of the Magic 8 Ball or a horoscope. German soccer fans are a different sort entirely. They use an octopus named Paul. In my opinion, that's just weird, but he's at least as accurate as a weather-rock (and maybe a meteorologist, too), as he knew Spain would beat Germany in the World Cup yesterday.

The difference is that weather-rocks and meteorologists don't usually receive death threats for unpopular predictions. Check this out: Poor Paul!