Need Something to Do Thursday?


Musical styles come and go, then often come back again later. And while their later incarnations lack the newness, the pure philosophy of exploring wholly new artistic ground, they're often better representations of the style as the kinks have had time to be worked out from 20 years of basement storage.

Consider The Stray Cats, one of the best rockabilly bands, but who put out their first record in 1981, a full 20 years after the style's heyday. The Darkness arguably understands '80s hair rock better than some of the bands that created it before their hair fell out. And though indie-folk got its start with the sixties guitar pop, the levels it's now reached are far more interesting, despite having less credibility as innovators.

I mention this because tonight at Neurolux, you can catch The Prids, heirs to the throne of Joy Division-style new wave: dark and moody, with washes of sound and a kickin' beat. And though they aren't one of the bands that created the style, they are one that understands it well enough to make it all it can be.

Show starts at 8 p.m. and costs $5 at the door. The Soft Tags are opening.