Monster New App From Kelly Knopp


Written and Illustrated by Kelly Knopp
  • Written and Illustrated by Kelly Knopp

Local artist and BW contributor Kelly Knopp apparently has one eye under the bed and one on the future of children's lit.

Knopp's newest creative venture—a children's book that he has written and illustrated—is now available as an iPhone/iPad app.

Monster Scribbles is the story of 9-year-old Duncan Doodles. Duncan loves to draw and he loves to draw monsters. In a three-ring notebook, he draws Jagged Jerry, Spitty Smitty and Warty Morty. All Duncan really wants is to see his monsters come to life. And one night, he discovers dreams really can come true.

Knopp said after he wrote the book, he intended to follow a more traditional route to publication. But five years later, and he was no closer to his goal.

"I tried to get it published, but that world is just crazy," Knopp said.

So Knopp turned to friend and computer programmer Richard Johnson to help him make his book a reality. Knopp said that the electronic version of Monster Scribbles, which is also translated into Spanish, is doing well—it's listed in the Top 10 Most Popular Book Apps. And at $3.99 per download, someday he might be able to pay someone to check under the bed for things that go bump in the night.

To buy Monster Scribbles, click here.