Need Something to Do Wednesday?


One of the things that was immediately clear to me when I moved to Boise from Portland is that it's nearly impossible to find a good vegetarian meal here. Now, I'm not a vegetarian. In fact I would gladly eat a double-portion of bacon-wrapped bacon, smothered in baconaise, rolled in bacon salt, tempura battered then deep-fried in bacon fat and served on a bed of bacon—or sausage—but sometimes a boy just wants a tasty salad or some battered eggplant. And aside from the portabello sandwich at Solid and the General's tofu at Golden Phoenix, the ol' pound of flesh remains the centerpiece of most menus here in Boise.

So today, since restaurants clearly aren't filling the need, why not learn to make some tasty veggie options yourself from BW blogger and Chef Randy King.

And no you smartass, he's not just going to be showing you how to make carrot sticks and open a jar of dip.

King's menu include fancy-pants veggie options like jicama salad, grilled caesars and ways to make tofu taste like something.

The class starts at 6:30 p.m. at Pottery Gourmet Kitchen downtown.

And for all y'all meat and potatoes folks out there, just remember, this is a man who ran over a snake and ate it. If he can can rock a jicama salad, then so can you.