Idaho's Best Breakfast


  • Food Network Magazine
A few months back Food Network Magazine shot me an e-mail and asked if I could dig up Boise's best breakfast. My assignment was to give them three options they could weigh against other Idaho entries, make a case for each in roughly 75 words, and they'd take it from there.

The verdict is in and is published in the July/August edition of the magazine, which is on stands now.

Who's the big winner? The Oatmeal Souffle at Red Feather Lounge is, according to Food Network Magazine, the best breakfast in Idaho. My 80-word case for the dish that's technically only a side:

Customers clamor for the coveted seats on the outdoor patio here, and they get downright desperate for the oatmeal souffle: The chef makes only about a dozen on weekend mornings, and they often sell out within an hour or two. The cult favorite is something between a trumped-up bowl of oatmeal and a dressed-down dessert—hearty and light at the same time and just a little sweet. Make sure you show up before10 a.m. if you want to snag one. $6; 246 North Eighth St.; 208-343-3119

For the record, my other nominations included the Breakfast Nachos at Focaccia's and Salmon Hash at the ever-popular Goldy's.