Curb Cup Registration Coming Soon


On Sunday, August 29, downtown Boise will be invaded by mimes, circus clowns, bellydancers, fire-breathers, breakdancers, fiddlers, tribal drum troupes, jugglers, snake charmers, hulla-baloos and thumblydinkers.

No, the water supply isn't going to be dosed with acid on Saturday, August 28. It's the second annual Curb Cup event.

The wildly popular street-performance celebration is back for a second year. Same place, roughly the same time. And this one promises to be even bigger and better than the last. Attendees will get the chance to wander the thoroughfare, ogle the various weirdos, and then vote for their favorite acts. Winners will be selected for prizes and first place will get their name scrawled on the prestigious Curb Cup.

But more importantly, registration starts on Friday, July 16. So if you have a knack for painting yourself gold and standing still for hours, or maybe performing cartwheels while you're on 10-foot stilts, head on over to and get your registration on.