Getting Ready for the River


Just because it was 100 degrees yesterday doesn't necessarily mean summer is here. Nope, it's not until tubers and rafters are spotted happily bobbing their way down the Boise River that we know summer has truly arrived.

And that sight is on the cusp of becoming reality as the Boise Fire Department dive team continues to clear snags and debris along the river in preparation for the hordes to descend upon the water.

While the Fire Department is working to make things safer, that doesn't mean the river is open to floating just yet.

Epley's, the concession holder for the rentals and services at the launching area, is waiting for the final go-ahead from the fire department. If crews finish today, floating could begin as early as Wednesday, June 30 or Thursday, July 1. Regardless, Epley's representatives said they will be open for business by the Fourth of July holiday weekend.

Check back for updates as soon as an official opening date is set.