Crustacean Celebration


Something about the rising heat of summer in Boise just screams, “Cook off!”

As you lounge with friends, shoving forkful after forkful into your mouth, it’s easy to ignore the ever-growing tightness around your waist as your overindulge on chicken wings, Rocky Mountain oysters and Jewish cuisine. Just make a note to cancel that pool party, at least for now. You might not want to try and shimmy into a bikini right now. Especially if you indulge in the upcoming belly-busting event: the Louisiana Crawfish Boil.

Seasons Bistro in Eagle is hosting its annual shellfish feed at 6 p.m. on Saturday June 26, with fresh crawfish shipped into our desert hamlet via FedEx. There will also be shrimp, crab legs, corn on the cob and garlic potatoes.

Worried about encountering a petroleum glaze on your crustacean? Not to worry. Crawfish live in freshwater ponds inland from the coast and are safe from the effects of the Gulf oil spill.

Cost of the evening is $35 plus the cost of beverages. Call 208-939-6680 for reservations (highly recommended).