Need Something to do Monday?


If I've learned anything from country music—other than "honky-tonk" can be both a noun and a verb—it's that every time you leave the house you should expect to have have a musical showdown with the devil. Not to accuse anyone of being unpious, but we should all abide by the Boy Scouts creed "be prepared." Because, hypothetically, if you do find yourself facing Ol' Scratch someday and you're not bringing your A-game, well, then you're pretty much fucked aren't cha? Left staring down the barrel of eternal damnation like a chump, wishing you'd paid a bit more attention during those piano lessons.

Well, for the pianists out there, I got nothing. However, if you happen to be a fiddler, then you're in luck, as today marks the start of the Wieser Old Time Fiddler's Contest and Festival, which is a chance for you to test your mettle against the best of the best. I'm not saying the devil's going to show or anything, but it's definitely a good chance to practice for when he does.

Of course, if you're not into gambling with your soul, you can gawk at those who are. The festival is open to spectators and features some of the nation's best talent, along with parades and a carnival.

The festival runs through Saturday, June 26. See the website for a full schedule of events.