New Lineup and Dates for Loserpalooza


New Flyer with Schedule
  • New flyer with schedule and a note on the back from event founders Bart and Steff Bell (a.k.a. Hot Dog Sandwich)
After rescheduling from May 28-29 to June 25-26 because of freaky weather, free grassroots, local, outdoor music festival Loserpalooza has locked down its new lineup.

Bands no longer on the bill: Velvet Hook and the Dagger Ladies, Hunger Moon, Wilt Chamberlin's Baby, Zen Zero, Beautician, Fury of the Cyclops, Kryterium and Bukkit.

In their place are Sleeping Sickness, Neo Tundra Cowboy, Beatnikparty and Tommy Dirtweed.

The show will be held out in what would colloquially be referred to as BFE, but is really just BFI.

To get there, take I-84 east and get off at Blacks Creek Road; Exit 64. Turn right, then look for the signs.

Camping is still free and dogs are still not invited.