You may have noticed the beautiful mosaic in the entry at Boise Weekly's office at 523 Broad St. It was done by Blake Sherlock, who now lives in Guatemala, and who I hear from every now and then.

Recently, Blake shared this photo of El Patito, on the public dock in Jaibalito and wrote to me about the landslides that occurred the weekend of May 29 and 30 as a result of Tropical Storm Agatha, the first storm of the season. This was on top of the explosion of Volcano Pacaya near Guatemala City only days before. The loss and damage is widespread throughout Guatemala.

Relief efforts are difficult due to lack of infrastructure and help is badly needed. An efficient way to contribute and help with the relief effort is through Agatha Caritas, a Catholic relief agency that is well respected in Guatemala. The funds can be designated by special request to Guatemala emergency relief.