Need Stuff to do This Weekend?


Well, you're in luck, 'cause there's a virtual Las Vegas casino buffet of fun things to do this weekend.

On Friday, June 11, there's some ska awesomeness with Warsaw Poland Brothers at The Red Room Tavern for only $3, or you can hit up The Bouquet for day one of Matt Hopper's CD release weekend extravaganza.

Prefer to sit on your ass instead of shaking it? That's fine, too. Last weekend, 59 teams of crazy people decided to give up traditional weekend activities like boozin' and sleep to instead make a whole movie in one weekend for the annual i48 film festival. All 59 will be screening at The Flicks most of Saturday, June 12. And then the best will show at The Egyptian Theatre, Sunday, June 13 at 7 p.m.

But maybe you're feeling something a little sexier. Well, swing by Pitcher's and Pints from 4-7 p.m. on Saturday, where the good folks from A.L.P.H.A. will be putting together thousands of "condom kits" to be distributed at upcoming June events. And if at some point you gotta sample the merchandise, well, despite Elton John's claims that it's for fightin', we all know what Saturday night's really about.

Still not your thing? How about celebrating the some inaccurately named foods. You can scarf down all the Rocky Mountain Oysters or Buffalo Wings you like this weekend, as both are conveniently available in bulk via festivals in their honor.

But if you want to get outdoors, you can hit up the Kayaking 101 workshops and screaming deals at Sierra Trading Post's annual paddling event on Saturday.

But if none of that appeals to you, and you'd rather loaf around the house in your skivvies, grousing about something or other, you're still in luck. Because you can try uploading videos onto BW's new video section.

And then there's World Cup business the rest of the world keeps going on about. But where on Earth would you be able to watch it?

With all that and more to choose from, there's no excuse to be bored this weekend. So quit griping, sally forth and be awesome.