Need Something to Do Thursday?


Alright, you're going to have to trust me on this one, 'cause this is pretty hard to believe. It's actually "summer."

Sure there's some world-class mugginess in the air around quitting time, but precious little grade-A hammock weather. We get a day here or there. It's clear that the weather is trying, but I think this whole global warming business has it all depressed. Whereas the weather used to stroll in to town like a straight gangsta, now it's sort of moping around decisively swaggerless.

I think what this summer needs is a bit of confidence so it knows we all still believe in it. The old if-you-build-it-he-will-come approach.

So why not hit up the start of summer fair season with Eagle Fun Days? Both the rodeo and the carnival kick off today and run through the weekend, which is chock full of so much fun, that summer won't want to be left out. The full schedule can be found here.

And if all y'all partake fully, I would bet a hot nickel that the sun will be shining down brightly by the wet and wild parade at noon on Saturday.