Alley Rep's New Works Series Announced


Alley Repertory Theater has just announced the lineup for its second annual reading series, Plays From the Alley:

Phil Atlakson's The Primordial State of Every Single Thing on Monday, July 5; Evan Sesek's Champange Breakfast on Monday, July 12; Mary Steelsmith's Isaac, I Am, on Monday, July 19; and Jef Peterson's The Apple Doesn’t Fall on Monday, July 26.

From the release ...

Boise-based Phil Atlakson is a professor in the Theatre Arts Department at Boise State University, as well as a screenwriter and director ... The Primordial State of Every Single Thing, follows a happily married couple distressed to learn that their only son has taken a 2D lover—a video-game Anime character, embodied in the form of a body pillow. Bringing their son back to reality proves trickier than they first imagine when every attempt to save him only brings them face to face with the fantasies at the heart of their own marriage.

Boise-based Evan Sesek is a [Boise State] student ... Champagne Breakfast focuses on Greg and Jake, 20-something friends in Boise with a shared love for the same girl, Kirsten, who becomes the center of a double-crossing tug of war that culminates in Jake and Kirsten ditching Greg for Italy. When the friends face each other five years later, can they carry the weight of this unforgivable betrayal?

Los Angeles-based Mary Steelsmith is an emerging national playwright, Idaho native and coincidentally the aunt of Boise actor/writer Tom Willmorth ... Isaac, I Am, is set in the world of cyber chat rooms and instant messaging. The main character Angela finds herself torn between a budding real life romance and a darker online relationship with a family seemingly bent on its own destruction. Eventually, Angela’s dual worlds of reality and virtual-ity began to blur together, until her computer life threatens to devour her whole.

Nampa-based Jef Peterson recently returned to the area from Portland, [Ore.] where he graduated from University of Oregon with a Master's in Theatre ... The Apple Doesn’t Fall, follows Marza Hansen as she returns to her childhood home after 20 years, hoping to revisit happy childhood memories and share them with her husband and daughters. Instead she finds her own family is falling to pieces. Marza, once the glue that held them together, suddenly becomes the family pariah, showing that no matter how hard we try to escape our past, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

The plays will be read at the Visual Arts Collective every Monday in July and will be followed by talkback sessions. Admission is $10 individually, or $35 for the whole series. Tickets and more information are available at