Young Professionals Survey Takes Aim at Keeping Young Talent in Boise


In March, Boise Weekly poked a bit of fun at Gov. Otter for his comments to the Boise Young Professional crowd in which he spoke about animal husbandry and high school football in a speech meant to be about why young professionals should stay in Idaho.

Then in late May, Mayor Bieter tackled the same topic with the same crowd, albeit with far more success.

So why all the focus on why young professionals should stay in Idaho? BYP director Ben Quintana wrote in the Idaho Business Review that all of the following are true about Boise:

a) many technology companies can’t seem to find enough local talent to hire; b) an aging workforce in multiple industries is projected to leave a shortage of talent in the coming years; c) arts, nonprofit, charitable, service and civic organizations are scrambling to develop their next-generation leaders, donors and volunteers; [and] d) the lack of high-paying jobs has discouraged talent from moving to and staying in the area.

So what's a young professional to do?

Well you can start taking a survey about why you're in Boise, why you may be thinking about leaving Boise, what you expect out of your community and where you think Boise is falling short. The Next Leaders Survey wants to know what people like ... perhaps ... the 31-year-old editor of a weekly newspaper have to say about what Idaho can do to keep her here.

Deadline is June 11. Consider it like voting: If you don't offer input, quit whining.