Road Kill Dinner


Last weekend I accidentally ran over a rattlesnake in the Owyhee Canyon Lands with my SUV. I carefully grabbed the dead snake, bagged it up and took it home. Stay with me, now.

The start of an unfortunate collection
  • The start of an unfortunate collection

At home, I began the process of making snake for dinner. Some might think that is disturbing, but I think it would have been more disturbing to leave the snake that I killed in the road.

After skinning the snake, I cut it into one-inch sections soaked them in milk. After about an hour soak, I rolled them in flour and pan-fried them. Then I pulled some pea shoots out of my garden and tossed them in with the snake. I finished the whole dish with some white rice and a little lime ponzu sauce.

In all, it was a passable meal. It was kind of like eating a whole bunch of tinny little racks of lamb still on the bone—and yes, it did taste like chicken.

I wish I hadn’t killed the snake at all, but it did turn out to be a tasty road kill dinner.

Randy King is a Chef and the kind of guy who will stop to pick up road kill, then eat it. Click to follow Randy on Facebook.