Idaho International Film Festival Moves to March


Organizers for the Idaho International Film Festival have announced they will be moving the annual event, which is usually held in September, to spring. That means local filmgoers will have to wait until March 2011 to indulge in cravings for a buffet of independent filmmaking goodness.

According to a press release, IIFF organizers had long been thinking about moving the festival dates.

“The primary reason for the change is that it allows us to gain access to the best new, independent, American film titles available,” writes IIFF executive director, Lyle Banks. “Having the festival in September has precluded us from showing films that have screening commitments at Sundance, Toronto and the American Film Institute festivals.”

Last year’s four-day festival screened 50 films from 14 countries. They included a score of award winning independent films, such as Charlie Valentine and Cookies and Cream. The non-profit festival was founded in 2001 to promote independent film making from within as well as from outside Idaho.

All submissions currently in possession of IIFF will be considered for the spring event. Submissions will not be returned and IIFF is currently not accepting any more submissions. All questions should be directed to

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