Taco Truck, Please


A great cook is someone who can take a piece of meat that most would consider garbage and make something freaking awesome out of it. An amazing cook can pull this off in a kitchen on wheels—like a taco truck.

Ever wonder what those names on the side of a taco truck mean? Following, is a brief primer on taco truck meats:

Oh, yeah, you are going to eat cow head. It is boiled it until it falls off the bone and then wrapped up in a tortilla.

Al pastor
A taco with a special type of sauce that is a combination of pineapple, chiles, tomatoes and spices. Oddly enough this is actually a Lebanese and Mexican spice combination and is, in my opinion, the best type of seasoning for a pescado taco.

Fish, the most pervasive culturally shifting taco around. Applebee’s has a fish taco for hell’s sake. Fish tacos are everywhere. They started in Baja, Calif., where they were popular with surfers. The best pescado tacos come from taco trucks.

Pescado taco? Yes, please.
  • Pescado taco? Yes, please.

De camarones

Tripe. Oh, yeah, you're going to eat stomach lining, guts that have been boiled, then washed, then boiled, then washed, and then boiled in seasoning. Tripe has an odd texture, but also has something that a lot of other food lacks: flavor.

With summer nearby, I am looking forward to filling my gut with plenty of truck-vended tacos.

Randy King is a chef and a taco truck fan. Click to follow Randy on Facebook.