Need Something to Do Wednesday?


This morning Mayor Dave Bieter gave his annual State of the City address to a packed house at the Boise Centre on the Grove. Seeing as it was scheduled so early, it could've been described as the dawn of time. You probably weren't there.


Don't despair. In case you missed the mayor's big shindig this morning with the continental breakfast and the three-piece suits, you can still feel all involved and citizen-like by sitting and listening to someone else talk.

Just swing by Liquid at the much more reasonable hour of 5 p.m. tonight for the monthly Liquid Forum, featuring a local non-profit discussing their haps and what you can do to donate get involved.

On the agenda for tonight is Idaho Human Rights Education Center's Executive Director Amy Hertzfeld, followed by some sweet tunes by Dan Costello and Leta Neustaedter.

You can be there and be square all at the same time.